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Emergency Overnight Shelter for Men

Emergency Overnight Shelter for Men


The Union Rescue Mission’s Emergency Overnight Shelter for Men is located on the east side of Wichita, at 2800 North Hillside (From 96 Bypass East, exit on Hillside, south 1/2 mile).


For men in need of shelter, private buses provide free transportation between the Wichita Downtown area and the URM Overnight Shelter twice each evening and twice each morning. The pick-up location is in downtown Wichita at 2nd & Topeka.


A meal is a precious gift for the homeless men who join us each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Union Rescue Mission. For many of the men staying with us, it may be the only nutrition they receive.

The Union Rescue Mission of Wichita provides a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner each and every day of the year for the homeless men staying at the shelter or enrolled in our New Beginnings life-change program.

The Food Services Department of the Union Rescue Mission served 106,791 meals last year.

A Safe Shelter

Many homeless men live in fear of being robbed of the few possessions they own; and the increasing possibility of the homeless on the streets being beaten or even killed has become a new “game of sport” among many gang members or street “thugs.”

At the Union Rescue Mission, we strive to make our Emergency Shelter a safe place both physically and emotionally for the men who stay with us. In order to do this, we have a policy of “zero tolerance” for violence, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on the premises. Any guest bringing these into our facility is immediately required to leave in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone else. 


A Restful Night of Sleep

On nearly every night of the year, our shelter beds are full. On many nights during extreme cold or extreme hot temperatures, we also supply additional temporary beds in our Chapel. Last year, the Union Rescue Mission provided 55,485 nights of shelter for homeless men.


A clean set of clothing can restore a homeless person’s sense of dignity, and can also help them to gain employment. That’s why we keep our clothes closet full of fresh shirts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, winter coats, and accessories. Since we no longer operate a Thrift Store, we provide clothing as available, at no charge to our homeless guests.

Free Laundry Done for our Guests

At the Union Rescue Mission, our homeless guests staying with us can have their dirty laundry washed, dried, and delivered back to them within 24 hours.


Personal hygiene can provide a homeless person with a new outlook on life. This is why our homeless guests receive hot showers with soap and shampoo every day. Our guests also receive personal hygiene items to take with them.