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Eagles Wing Groundbreaking

Our "Field of Dreams" is No Longer a Dream... and the field will be changing, too!

Three years ago we announced a plan to feed, employ and house more men in need. We called it our "Field of Dreams," a strategy to make our six-acre campus more productive for God's purposes. All elements of that dream are about to be fulfilled. 

Our first hope, the Mission garden, opened in 2016, and is annually yielding fresh produce for our dining room and food boxes. Four new jobs have been created through NewLeaf Mercantile, our two-year old social enterprise that sells donated books and other media online.

Soon, the open field on our campus will be transformed into a supportive housing project that will be the new home for two dozen men as they transition from our life recovery programs into independent living. 


Tuesday, May 8 at 10am


Eagles Wing

A Supportive Housing Complex for Men Recovering from Homelessness and Addiction.

2800 North Hillside, Wichita, Kansas