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Free Food Box

Free Food Boxes Given Away Weekly

programs_services_free_food_box_option_3.jpgReaching out to the community, the Union Rescue gives away free food boxes weekly to families who are “living on the edge.” Many times these are the working poor or disabled persons who have trouble making ends meet. Families benefiting from our FREE food boxes are struggling families with children, single moms with young children, and quite often senior citizens on fixed incomes who simply can’t stretch their dollars far enough.

We have trained counselors who volunteer their time each week to meet with each family to share the Good News and offer the Plan of Salvation each time a food box is given.

Please call (316) 687-4673 at 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning to schedule an appointment for that Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

Donations of food, diapers, and baby formula are always welcome, as they are a vital part of our Community Outreach Ministry. To learn how you can help, call (316) 687-4673 or e-mail volunteer@urmwichita.org.