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New Beginnings


Homelessness is not just defined as a lack of shelter, food, or clothing. It also includes a need to build a new life – a need to walk away from a life of hopelessness.

This residential program for recovery from homelessness focuses on separate phases of recovery, rebuilding, restoring and redirection of a man’s life.  New Beginnings is a 9-month curriculum with transitional phases for graduates as they seek employment and other living arrangements.  The transitional program allows the men to remain in residence while they become spiritually, financially, and practically ready to move on in their housing and recovery situation.  New Beginnings also includes a business practicum where men have the opportunity to work outside of the Mission before graduating, if funding and willing employers can be arranged.

All participants of the New Beginnings Program  receive a semi-private room, 3 nutritious meals a day, clothing and basic toiletries, ongoing education, and individual case management.


These are just some of the classes that you will be attending, as a URM participant to help you identify the steps necessary to begin your life-changing transformation and create a new beginning for yourself.

-Accountability                               -Everyman’s Battle

-Anger Management                     -Brokenness                     

-Typing & Computer                      -Genesis Recovery

-Jobs for Life                                 -Christian 12-Step

-Emotional Intelligence                  -Biblical Foundations

-Character Training                       -Biblical Principals

-Search for Significance                -Experiencing God

-Decision-Making                           -Biblical Finances


"I'd given up. I knew that, and I didn't even care. You get a chance to change

[here]. It transforms your life."-Loren