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Eagles Wing Update

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Our faith in moving the Union Rescue Mission forward has grown the last 100 days as Eagles Wing has risen to new heights. Construction is ahead of schedule. The estimated completion date is April/May 2019.

The journey from homelessness to reintegration passes through separate phases of recovery, rebuilding, restoration and redirection of a man’s life.

Finding an affordable place in which to live is a big hurdle for men as they graduate from mission programs.  For a successful re-entry into society, the housing must be distanced from the neighborhood influences and temptations that contributed to their initial homelessness. Living in mission-operated housing, with on-site supervision, will give tenants the best chance for success. The expected outcome is reintegration of men – some who were once heads of households, bread-winners, and employed – into safe, affordable housing in an established neighborhood.


If you’ve contributed to Faithfully Forward, watch for an invitation to a special event in September where you can tour the site