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"I needed more than just shelter."


John was feeling hopeless. Just hours after losing his job, his car broke down and he was evicted from his apartment.

“I lost so much, and so fast. It seemed like everything was going wrong.”

Left to stay with friends and relatives, John tried to face his struggles head-on, but also felt like a burden. “I needed somewhere I could focus on starting over.”

John had driven by the Mission lots of times. “I didn’t know too much about it,” he says, smiling. “But winter was around the corner, and I didn’t want to be sleeping on the street.”

So the day after Thanksgiving, John walked through our doors, looking for a safe shelter. “I was so glad to have a meal and a bed. I finally felt like I was getting the help I needed.”

He thought he’d be at the Mission temporarily, just long enough to get back on his feet and find housing. “At first, I was just here for shelter,” he says. “But I began reading the Word every day...realized I was bitter...and that I needed more than just shelter.”

When he joined our New Beginnings life-change program, John says, “The Mission went from being a shelter to a safe haven. When Christ is in the picture, His Word begins soaking in.”

John’s heartache began to lift through counseling and the encouragement of our staff. As he grew closer to the Lord, his bitterness melted away.

“I’m so much happier now. I’d been hurt so badly that I couldn’t see my way, but God showed me that He’ll take care of me.”

With a changed heart, John began working at a local church and even reconnected with his family and friends. 

Today, John’s grateful that he didn’t just find shelter here – but a foundation on which to rebuild his entire life.

“I don’t know where I’d be without the Mission. Instead of feeling helpless, I’ve seen God restore me.”

Now a graduate of our program, John’s joy comes from working at the church and from God’s saving grace in his life. “I’ve learned a lot about God’s goodness, and that even though I’ve been down, I’m not out.”

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Help other men like John…

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