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"My spirit has been restored in this place."


When Chris started drinking “for fun” in high school, he couldn’t have imagined alcohol would take over his life one day.

“It became a way to escape from problems and then just to keep from getting sick. If I didn’t have a drink, I’d shake. I lived in fear.”

Chris’s drinking continued for 28 years, gradually taking everything. “I lost my family, my job, my house, my cars,” he says.

Then, one day, Chris found himself on the street with no money. “I called the suicide hotline, and the police came and brought me here,” he says. “I went into the New Beginnings Program and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Since coming to the Mission, Chris has surrendered his life to the Lord. “I’ve learned to apply God’s Word. I get out of the way and depend on His strength.”

Chris’s burgeoning faith is helping restore his relationship with his children. “I’m learning to be the father God wants me to be,” he says.

Thanks to the Mission, Chris now has a job, plans to get his own place and is determined to grow even closer to the Lord. “I’ve got big dreams about being a really strong man in Christ,” he says. “My spirit has been restored in this place.”

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