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Second Class Kitchen Prep Graduation Ceremony


On Tuesday, November 15, URM family gathered in the Mission’s chapel to celebrate the graduation of the Second Class KitchenPrep trainees. The graduates were Anthony Newman, Louaini Riadh, Collins Ndale, and Christopher Spencer.

The graduation ceremony was opened with congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement from KitchenPrep trainers, Cesar Castellanos and Loren Minnis. Both trainers applauded the trainees’ attitude and work ethic throughout the training program. Loren mentioned that the Mission will continue supporting these men in the process of finding employment. Cesar also gave an update about the first four graduates of KitchenPrep, all of whom now working in Food Service industry.

Also recognized were Jay Jolliff and Steve Embry, who completed the STEPS (Steps Towards Economic and Personal Stability) program. The ceremony was followed with a reception where graduates, URM staff, New Beginnings Program Men, and guests were served with a delicious cake and fruit punch.

Congratulation to the graduates! We wish you the best for your future career in Food Service! Our next class of KitchenPrep Job Training Program will start on January 23, 2017.