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Wichita Police and Union Rescue Mission Partner to Aid Needy Families at Thanksgiving

A couple days before Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22), officers of Patrol North of Wichita Police Department partnered with men from the Union Rescue Mission to deliver Thanksgiving food boxes to more than 100 needy families.

Each holiday season, the Mission packages all the groceries needed to prepare a turkey day dinner and make them available free to struggling families you come to the Mission. Support for this program is provided by Bombardier Learjet Employees Care Fund and donors to the Mission.

However, many eligible families lack transportation to pick their holiday food box from the Mission’s location. In those cases, Wichita Police, accompanied by men from the Mission’s New Beginnings Program, deliver the food to the families.

This was the 13th year police and men from Union Rescue Mission have delivered holiday food boxes together. They will repeat the process at Christmas.