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David’s family moved around a lot when he was young, forcing him to leave his friends again and again. “In my mind, it became a bad thing to make friends so I became a loner and isolated myself. I wasn’t happy,” he says.

In his teens, David turned to alcohol to numb his pain, an addiction which controlled his life for the next 35 years. “I’d tell myself it wasn’t a problem because I could hold a job, pay my bills, had money in the bank, and a nice car,” he says.

Then, one night, David was hospitalized for alcohol-induced respiratory distress. “They told me I should be dead because you don’t drink that much, pass out, stop breathing and wake up, but I did.”

1116_urmw_nl_02.jpgJustin began experimenting with drugs and alcohol when he was in high school. “It was just on the weekends to help me socialize,” he says. “But by my early 20s, it was becoming a problem.”

For the next 10 years, Justin’s abuse continued to escalate, destroying relationships and costing him jobs. Then his girlfriend kicked him out for using, and he found himself homeless.

“For the next couple years, I slept in parks or under bridges in the summer, and in wintertime, on people’s couches,” he says. “I pan-handled, all while battling depression and suicidal thoughts.”

A couple days before Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 22), officers of Patrol North of Wichita Police Department partnered with men from the Union Rescue Mission to deliver Thanksgiving food boxes to more than 100 needy families.

Each holiday season, the Mission packages all the groceries needed to prepare a turkey day dinner and make them available free to struggling families you come to the Mission. Support for this program is provided by Bombardier Learjet Employees Care Fund and donors to the Mission.

However, many eligible families lack transportation to pick their holiday food box from the Mission’s location. In those cases, Wichita Police, accompanied by men from the Mission’s New Beginnings Program, deliver the food to the families.

This was the 13th year police and men from Union Rescue Mission have delivered holiday food boxes together. They will repeat the process at Christmas.


When Chris started drinking “for fun” in high school, he couldn’t have imagined alcohol would take over his life one day.

“It became a way to escape from problems and then just to keep from getting sick. If I didn’t have a drink, I’d shake. I lived in fear.”

Chris’s drinking continued for 28 years, gradually taking everything. “I lost my family, my job, my house, my cars,” he says.

Then, one day, Chris found himself on the street with no money. “I called the suicide hotline, and the police came and brought me here,” he says. “I went into the New Beginnings Program and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


On Tuesday, November 15, URM family gathered in the Mission’s chapel to celebrate the graduation of the Second Class KitchenPrep trainees. The graduates were Anthony Newman, Louaini Riadh, Collins Ndale, and Christopher Spencer.

The graduation ceremony was opened with congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement from KitchenPrep trainers, Cesar Castellanos and Loren Minnis. Both trainers applauded the trainees’ attitude and work ethic throughout the training program. Loren mentioned that the Mission will continue supporting these men in the process of finding employment. Cesar also gave an update about the first four graduates of KitchenPrep, all of whom now working in Food Service industry.

Come and join us to celebrate the achievement of the second class of KitchenPrep trainees who completed the 8-week culinary training program! The graduating trainees are Anthony Newman, Collins Ndale, Louaini Riadh, and Christopher Spencer.

Where: Union Rescue Mission's Chapel (2800 N Hillside St, Wichita, KS)
When: Tuesday, November 15, at 2:00 PM


Our 66th Annual Celebration Day (Nov. 3) was a great success! Friends and supporters of the Union Rescue Mission gathered at Cessna Activity Center to celebrate God’s work through The Mission’s ministry.

John Ashmen, our guest speaker, shared a message about the role of faith-based organizations and government programs to end homelessness.

Our very own New Beginnings Men’s Choir entertained the audience with a heartfelt performance.

The Mission also announced its partnership with Freedom Road Truck Driving Academy, followed by impactful testimonies from two New Beginnings Program graduates who were trained by this truck driving school.

We thank all our supporters and friends for participating in Celebration Day 2016.

At the Mission, we always depend on the donations from our generous donors to continue our ministry. At this time, we have a shortage of some food and hygiene items.

We hope you could help us to provide for the men and families we serve by donating these items to fulfill the immediate needs that we have:

  • Canned Foods (Vegetables, Fruit, Meat, Beans)
  • Boxed Meals
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Peanut Butter
  • Men’s Razor Blades
  • Men's Deodorant

These items above will be distributed to the men in our New Beginnings program, overnight guests, and families during our Free Food Box.

You can also donate through our Amazon WishList. Your donations will be delivered directly to The Mission.


The Mission’s NewLeaf Book Mercantile is having Book Sales on Saturday, October 29, at 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Items on sale are:

  • Variety of used books ($1 each, 6 books for $5)
  • CDs/DVDs/VHS, movies and music ($0.50 each)

The Book Sales will be held at 3250 E 27th St N, Wichita, KS (the building south of The Mission). The sales revenue will be used to create more job opportunities for the men we serve.

Come and get yourself a great deal!


John was feeling hopeless. Just hours after losing his job, his car broke down and he was evicted from his apartment.

“I lost so much, and so fast. It seemed like everything was going wrong.”

Left to stay with friends and relatives, John tried to face his struggles head-on, but also felt like a burden. “I needed somewhere I could focus on starting over.”

John had driven by the Mission lots of times. “I didn’t know too much about it,” he says, smiling. “But winter was around the corner, and I didn’t want to be sleeping on the street.”

So the day after Thanksgiving, John walked through our doors, looking for a safe shelter. “I was so glad to have a meal and a bed. I finally felt like I was getting the help I needed.”