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Our Priceless Volunteers


 Sharolyn and her husband Clarke have been volunteering at the Union Rescue Mission for 10 years.  About 5 years ago Sharolyn retired and wanted to help the Mission more during the day.  While her husband, Clarke, and her son Brian continue to serve the evening meal, Sharolyn started helping in our Food Box Ministry during the day.  Sharolyn not only ministers to food box recipients she also fills in as receptionist or other areas for us as needed.  God Bless this faithful servant who loves Jesus and wants to share His love here at the Mission.  She is the hands and feet of Jesus to hundreds of people who come to the Mission for food, baby diapers, formula and a word of encouragement day after day.  Thank you Sharolyn.   


              Bob never runs out of gas for the Lord!  He has been a faithful volunteer mowing the Mission grounds for 7 years. We can't begin to estimate the amount of money that Bob has saved the Mission by providing this free service.  Money that we can spend on necessities to serve men who are without a home, or job and many times struggling with an addiction. God Bless you Bob. Thank you for your service to the Lord here at the Union Rescue Mission.