We Create Self-Sufficiency

We help create self-sufficiency through Transitional programs and Rehabilitation.

All program participants receive health services, referrals and transportation to local service providers for medical, vision and dental needs.

Transitional Programs

Working Guest

The Working Guest Program (WGP) is a short-term residential program with case management for men who apply or have been referred to URM from a partnering agency. WGP is intended for men who are employed (at least 24 hours per week) but need assistance prior to obtaining stable housing.

For a small participation fee, men stay at the Mission and receive meals and relocation assistance. Participants in WGP are also expected to save an established percentage of their income to help them eventually achieve independent living.

“Today, I definitely know that I am a beloved son of God.”-Shawn

View the agreement here.

Download the application here  Please send the completed application to:  Jim Zuidema at shelteradv@urmwichita.org.


Led by the URM Employment Coordinator, Steps Toward Economic and Personal Stability (STEPS) is a residential option designed to help men who need short-term accommodations while overcoming barriers to employment and permanent housing. STEPS participants receive meals, clothing and lodging at the Mission. The participants attend daily Bible Study, life skills and job prep classes, complete homework and are assisted in their job search and accountable to a case manager for progress towards goals each man sets for himself.

“I don’t feel like a failure anymore. The Mission Saved my life, and Christ saved my soul.”-Greg

Download the application here.  Please return the completed application to Darnell Bryant at darnell@urmwichita.org

Kitchen Prep


The Union Rescue Mission’s culinary training program prepares men and women for rewarding careers in the food service industry. The KitchenPrep course provides intensive training and hands-on experience in all aspects of commercial kitchen operation. It prepares graduates for rewarding careers in the challenging and fast-paced world of hospitality and restaurant business.

Upon course completion, graduates are equipped to bring immediate value to their new employer and step into positions as line cooks, catering assistants and other mid-level kitchen jobs. Graduates receive assistance from KitchenPrep counselors in securing gainful employment.


The Main Course

KitchenPrep is an eight-week curriculum involving 40 hours of classroom and kitchen lab work each week spread over five days. Trainees complete both written and practical assignments taught by Union Rescue Mission staff and guest instructors.

Classes are small, independently structured to meet the needs of the student. There is no waiting period to join the class, so you can join at anytime. During their training, students will serve an internship, either in the Mission’s own food service operation or with a host chef.


What Students Learn

The training at KitchenPrep was developed in concert with experienced restaurant and foodservice professionals. The objective is to equip students with all the basic skills to function well in a commercial kitchen with little to no direction by the person in charge.


Who Should Apply?

KitchenPrep is appropriate for:

  • Unemployed or underemployed individuals in need of retooling for the job market.
  • Novices who are exploring culinary arts as a possible career.
  • Previous food service workers who need significant skills and knowledge upgrades.
  • Graduates of Union Rescue Mission life-change programs.
  • Residents of URM and those outside of URM.
  • Men and Women.


Entrance Requirements
  • 16 years of age.
  • A valid ID.
  • Social Security Card.
  • Willingness to adhere to attendance policy (maximum absence – 24 hours).
  • Be currently unemployed or underemployed. Exceptions may be made on a “space available basis.”
  • Take and pass prerequisite classes, which will be explained during interview.
  • Pass drug test at admission and at any time during training.
  • Submit to a criminal background check. A record will not affect admission.


KitchenClean, an additional 2 week course is available for those who desire to develop basic dishwashing and sanitation/sterilization skills for the food service industry.


How and Where to Apply

An application for rolling enrollment may be completed and submitted at any time. Applications are available to download below or from the Mission office:
Union Rescue Mission of Wichita
2800 North Hillside Wichita, Kansas 67219-4702
(316) 687-4673


Tuition & Scholarships
Tuition is $285 total ($200 in student fees and $85 for course materials and tools). There is a $40 non-refundable application fee.
A limited number of scholarships are available

To learn more about these opportunities or to apply, please contact Cesar Castellanos, URM Manager of Social Enterprises at (316) 687-4673, or via email to cesar@urmwichita.org.




Courage to Change

C2C is led by Shelter Advocates/Case Managers and is a 30 day + residential program utilizing community resources and service providers to implement a man’s Personal Plan to end homelessness.

View the program guidelines here.

Download the application here. Please return the completed application to Luke Andrews shelteradv@urmwichita.org.

Eagles Wing

The journey from homelessness to reintegration passes through separate phases of rescue, recovery, restoration and re-engagement of a man’s life. Union Rescue Mission has the state’s largest life transformation program for men.

Eagles Wing, a 3 story building for transitional housing includes 24 rental units for program graduates as well as under-employed or disenfranchised men from the community. The structure is built on the Mission’s six-acre campus. All tenants pay an income-adjusted rent that is well-below market rates for comparable housing.

The expected outcome is reintegration of men – some who were once heads of households, bread-winners, and employed – into safe, affordable housing in an established neighborhood.

Review the Eagles Wing policies here.

Download and complete the application here


New Beginnings


Homelessness is not just defined as a lack of shelter, food, or clothing. It also includes a need to build a new life – a need to walk away from a life of hopelessness.

Led by Case Managers/Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors, this residential program for recovery from homelessness focuses on separate phases of recovery, rebuilding, restoring and redirection of a man’s life.  New Beginnings starts with an orientation phase followed by a self-study curriculum and transitional phases for graduates as they seek employment and other living arrangements. The transitional program allows the men to remain in residence while they become spiritually, financially, and practically ready to move on in their housing and recovery situation.  URM’s Employment Coordinator also assists program men in employment preparation and job search utilizing numerous partnerships in the business community.

All participants of the New Beginnings Program receive a semi-private room, 3 nutritious meals a day, clothing and basic toiletries, ongoing education, and individual case management.



These are just some of the learning experiences available for a URM participant to identify steps necessary to begin fulfilling life recovery and restoration… a new beginning.

  • Accountability
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Biblical Life Principles
  • Biblical Finance
  • Character Training
  • Jobs for Life
  • Keyboard & Computer


“I’d given up. I knew that, and I didn’t even care. You get a chance to change [here]. It transforms your life.”-Loren

Download the admission form here. Please send the completed form to to David Bilas at dbilas@urmwichita.org.

Entry to all programs begins with a visit with the Shelter Advocate/Case Manager.  They can be reached at 316-687-4673 or by emailing shelteradv@urmwichita.org.

Respite and Recovery

Every day, hurting men walk through the doors of Wichita’s Union Rescue Mission in search of ordinary needs: a meal, a bed, a shower, a change of clothes, refuge from harsh weather.

Many also come with needs that run much deeper. An increasing number of men present illnesses or injuries requiring post-acute care and patient self-care.  A large number of Wichita’s homeless men don’t even make it to a shelter, contending with their health challenges while living in empty buildings, vacant vehicles and homeless encampments. Understandably, health care for the homeless has become an issue of deep concern for local homeless service providers, like the Union Rescue Mission.

The National Healthcare for the Homeless Council (NHCHC) reports that “there is ample evidence that homeless people experience higher rates of serious health problems than do people with stable housing, that they have more limited access to appropriate health services, that they tend to use the costliest services to meet their healthcare needs, and that they are frequently unable to adhere to treatment even when they are able to access health services.”

Research shows that homeless patients who participate in respite and recovery programs are 50 percent less likely to be readmitted to a hospital at three months and twelve months post-hospital discharge.  Avoiding costly discharge delays as well as reducing hospital readmissions generates significant savings for hospitals and communities.

For questions on the program, please contact Chris McGathy @ chris@urmwichita.org.

Note: Entry into all programs begins with an initial visit with a Shelter Advocate/Case Manager.
They may be contacted by calling 316-687-4673 or email shelteradv@urmwichita.org.

Here’s How You Can Help Today

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