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When Greg was young, he wanted nothing more than his father’s approval. “I was always trying to get my dad to tell me I did a good job, but he never would,” Greg says. “I felt like he was ashamed of me.”

Greg was saved when he was nine years old, but he grew up believing God was ashamed of him, as well. Along the way, he began abusing alcohol, magnifying his sense of shame. “I tried every possible remedy I could to stop drinking – church, treatment centers, Bible studies – but nothing worked,” he says. “When you love God, but you can’t get rid of a sin, you live in turmoil.”

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Monday, August 14, we celebrated four more success stories!  Congratulations to these program graduates. We look forward to seeing how God uses you and your future accomplishments to further His kingdom.

Here are just a few pictures from our celebration.

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David’s family moved around a lot when he was young, forcing him to leave his friends again and again. “In my mind, it became a bad thing to make friends so I became a loner and isolated myself. I wasn’t happy,” he says.

In his teens, David turned to alcohol to numb his pain, an addiction which controlled his life for the next 35 years. “I’d tell myself it wasn’t a problem because I could hold a job, pay my bills, had money in the bank, and a nice car,” he says.

Then, one night, David was hospitalized for alcohol-induced respiratory distress. “They told me I should be dead because you don’t drink that much, pass out, stop breathing and wake up, but I did.”

1116_urmw_nl_02.jpgJustin began experimenting with drugs and alcohol when he was in high school. “It was just on the weekends to help me socialize,” he says. “But by my early 20s, it was becoming a problem.”

For the next 10 years, Justin’s abuse continued to escalate, destroying relationships and costing him jobs. Then his girlfriend kicked him out for using, and he found himself homeless.

“For the next couple years, I slept in parks or under bridges in the summer, and in wintertime, on people’s couches,” he says. “I pan-handled, all while battling depression and suicidal thoughts.”

Congratulations Kitchen Prep Graduates. Great Job!


When Chris started drinking “for fun” in high school, he couldn’t have imagined alcohol would take over his life one day.

“It became a way to escape from problems and then just to keep from getting sick. If I didn’t have a drink, I’d shake. I lived in fear.”

Chris’s drinking continued for 28 years, gradually taking everything. “I lost my family, my job, my house, my cars,” he says.

Then, one day, Chris found himself on the street with no money. “I called the suicide hotline, and the police came and brought me here,” he says. “I went into the New Beginnings Program and it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


On Tuesday, November 15, URM family gathered in the Mission’s chapel to celebrate the graduation of the Second Class KitchenPrep trainees. The graduates were Anthony Newman, Louaini Riadh, Collins Ndale, and Christopher Spencer.

The graduation ceremony was opened with congratulatory remarks and words of encouragement from KitchenPrep trainers, Cesar Castellanos and Loren Minnis. Both trainers applauded the trainees’ attitude and work ethic throughout the training program. Loren mentioned that the Mission will continue supporting these men in the process of finding employment. Cesar also gave an update about the first four graduates of KitchenPrep, all of whom now working in Food Service industry.

Come and join us to celebrate the achievement of the second class of KitchenPrep trainees who completed the 8-week culinary training program! The graduating trainees are Anthony Newman, Collins Ndale, Louaini Riadh, and Christopher Spencer.

Where: Union Rescue Mission's Chapel (2800 N Hillside St, Wichita, KS)
When: Tuesday, November 15, at 2:00 PM