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“The Mission gave me back my dignity.”

Carlos prided himself on being a responsible, independent man, with a good job and an excellent work ethic. Then Type 1 Diabetes turned his world upside down. “I kept getting sick, more than a dozen times in about a year, and had to be hospitalized,” he says. “I just couldn’t physically do my job or pay my rent anymore. I was depressed.” 


You are invited to URM's 1st annual Men's Breakfast

Saturday, July 13th at 8am

Prairie Rose Chuckwagon

15231 SW Parallel St, Benton, KS 67017


A hearty chuckwagon breakfast with all the trimmings courtesy of KP Cuisine, URM's Catering Co.

A time of encouragement, fellowship and inspiration through the ministry of Union Rescue Mission


Make your $10 reservation now as limited seating is available.


“I’d never experienced God. Now, I pray and I feel Him touch my heart.”

Misael had always felt he wasn’t wanted, wasn’t loved.

It began when he was two and his grandparents took him to live with them in Mexico. He still doesn’t know why his parents sent him away.

Then, when he was 16, his grandparents sent him back to the United States to live with an uncle he’d never met. “I didn’t want to go. They just did it to me,” he says. “I felt rejected and so bitter that I couldn’t even talk to them.”

“I grew up fearing rejection.”

When he was 39, Misael began using drugs to numb his pain, and his life spun out of control. “I couldn’t function well, couldn’t work. I was living in hotels, and the shame of my addiction made me run from everybody.”

Gifts listed are those received during June 2nd, 2018 through March 7th, 2019.  We are truly grateful to everyone who has honored a loved one or friend by donating to the Union Rescue Mission! May God bless you richly as you continue to let Him lead your life.


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Gifts Received in Memory of Death

                Mr. & Mrs. Harold Cantrell

                Mr. & Mrs.  Donald Fassnacht

I wanted to send a note to all our supporters on the wonderful month we celebrated here in Wichita at the Union Rescue Mission.  All thanks goes to God for his provision and blessing on our Mission. 


“I’m growing in the Lord and it shows.”

When Jon first walked through our doors last year, he was a lost, addicted and desperate man. He couldn’t have begun to imagine the God he would meet, the healing he would find, or the man he would become in the days to follow, but his internal transformation has become evident to all in his bearing and countenance. 

“People ask if I’m getting taller and I say, ‘Maybe it’s the Jesus in me,’” he says with a smile. “I’m growing in the Lord and it shows.” 

“People say I look like a whole different person.”

rocky-perez_005_urmw_article.jpgWhen Rocky came to the Mission with a meth addiction nine years ago, he found much more than sobriety. He found a relationship with the Lord that would change the course of his life. “Through the program, the Lord delivered me from addiction and I started living fully for Jesus,” he says.

He graduated from our program and became a small group leader at a church but, when he felt the Lord calling him to become a children’s pastor, he refused. “I didn’t think I was prepared, so I ran away from God’s call,” he says. “For seven years, I got distracted by living everyday life, working jobs here and there.”

jeffprater.urmw_vertical_4.jpgJeffrey grew up in a Christian home but, when he was just 14, he got drunk for the first time and alcohol took hold hard and fast, controlling his life for the next 40 years. “I believed in God, but I just drifted away,” he says. “I was a functioning alcoholic, able to hold down jobs, but my relationships fell apart because of my drinking.”

He spent nearly two decades as an over-the-road truck driver, a life that further isolated him from others. Then his mother fell critically ill, and he quit work to take care of her. “After she died, I hit bottom. I was constantly drunk.”

The Ribbon Cutting and Open House for Eagles Wing on March 22nd was a huge success. Thank you to all who were able to come and celebrate with us. If you weren't able to come but still want a tour, please call us at (316) 687-4673 or email John@urmwichita.org and we will get you set up for a tour! 

patricksachen.mr5_2_1.jpgPatrik remembers lying awake in the hospital detox, wondering how he’d fallen so far.

“Growing up was fine,” he says. “I graduated high school with high grades, went on to college, became a telemarketer, started making a lot of money and worked my way up to management.”

But, all the while, he was battling an addiction to alcohol, exacerbated by the stress of his profession. “Life became all about getting numbers and approval,” he says. “I had a lot of issues with anxiety.”

Eventually, his drinking began to take a toll on his work and his physical health. “It got to where I didn’t go to work,” he says. “Then I wound up in the hospital. I was in bad shape.”