From hurting to healed.

Our Mission Statement

Represent the love of Jesus while walking alongside people experiencing homelessness, poverty, addictions, or other life challenges.

We do this by working on the four areas below


We want to help people be safe and healthy.  By providing a safe, secure bed for men at night, diaper and formula for a struggling family, or a food box, we help rescue people!  Your support drivers our ability to do this!


Followed closely from a rescue is recovery!  We want people to have a place to catch their breath, lessen anxiety, heal trauma!  We provide support for men in many types of recovery!


We want to see people restored by their Creator God!  With Jesus as our example, we help men in our programs rebuild their lives!  With spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components, our programs are available free (or reduced) of charge to those using them.


After rescue and recovery, with restoration nearly finished, we want to see men get re-engaged back into the community.  With a church family, with a job, with a budget and with plans on how to navigate life when it will be tough!