Church Outreach

One of the biggest “mission fields” is as close as your local rescue mission. Check out these opportunities below on how your community can get involved with the Mission.

Church Ambassadors

We need Church Ambassadors within the churches to act as liaisons between the ministry of the Union Rescue Mission and the various churches in our community.

The Union Rescue Mission of Wichita provides a non-denominational Christian Chapel Service 365 days a year to the hundreds of homeless men who stay at the Mission every night.

The URM is, and always has been, the “arm” of the church. But there is a wide-spread “trend” nationwide (and Wichita is no exception) for non-profit ministries to receive less than 6% of their entire revenue budget from the church community as a whole. This is where your involvement as an Ambassador (or Liaison) between your church and the Union Rescue Mission can be invaluable!

Our Church Ambassadors work directly with his/her church’s pastoral staff or missions committee to educate their organization about how the Mission can provide ministry services to the church and communicate its needs, and to encourage financial support and active involvement, both by the church as well as church members.

This is a great volunteer opportunity to get involved and to involve your church and church congregation as well. The many opportunities for your church and your church congregation to become involved with the Union Rescue Mission are limited only by your imagination and excitement!  Every department of the Mission would be positively impacted by the involvement of caring volunteers from your church.

To learn how you can become a Church Ambassador for the Union Rescue Mission call Tom Myer at (316) 687-4673, or e-mail him at