Building Life-Changing Relationships with our Guests

Building Life-Changing Relationships with our Guests

Even though he works as Supervisor over Guest Services and the Shelter at the Mission, Mat has a first-hand understanding of the challenges our guests face.

For 11 years, he was homeless and even spent some time in jail. While in prison, Mat was saved by the grace of God. He spent the last 15 months of his sentence reading and rereading the entire Bible six times over.

In his role as Supervisor, Mat uses his experiences and new life in Jesus to build relationships with our men. Through his relationships, he shares the good news of God’s grace through Jesus’ resurrection.

“We try to share the love of Jesus with them. And we try to get them to really understand what happened on the cross and that the sinful life that they live now or that got them here, that’s all been paid for,” Mat says.

Mat has seen time and again how transformational a relationship with Christ is for our brothers. “We know for sure that when Jesus gets involved, when Jesus takes a dwelling in somebody’s heart, He changes their heart, and we see results from a changed heart.”

Thank you for helping create a space where Mat and our staff can share God’s love with men who need it most. Because of your support, many brothers have found new life in Jesus at the Mission.

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