From Near Death to Hope: A Rescue Story

From Near Death to Hope: A Rescue Story

Most of us have heard or watched a movie of a rescue that puts us on the edge of our seats. The Union Rescue Mission has provided thousands of beds for men needing to be rescued. Their stories are full of twists that would rival any Hollywood plot. One such man was Caleb. His story begins in the middle of a drug binge. He had been clean, but after the loss of a family member, he wanted to escape and fell back into his previous addiction.

He wound up in a hotel room, being held at gunpoint. At that crucial moment, Caleb called upon the name of the Lord, and he was delivered. Literally, ushered out of the hotel by concerned citizens, he walked up to a man and asked, “Do you know where the Union Rescue Mission is?” How is this for plot — it was a former employee of the URM, and he not only knew but drove Caleb to the Mission.

Finding Hope Again

Caleb was rescued from what he thought was certain death. He used his time at the Mission to re-evaluate his life. He moved into Eagles Wings, where he found support in his sobriety, his spiritual walk and in becoming the man God called him to be.

“My relationship with God is amazing now,” Caleb has said. “I see hope in the future and things that I didn’t see before.”

Will you help us rescue more neighbors like Caleb? Your gift today will help ensure our doors are always open for every man who calls on us for help.

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