Volunteer Spotlight: Lesley

Volunteer Spotlight: Lesley

When her husband of 27 years passed, Lesley felt directionless. For her whole professional life, she worked as an educator. So, when she needed structure most, Lesley went back to what she knows best — teaching.

Twice a week, Lesley comes to the Mission to teach a class. The course focuses on recovering and polishing language, reading, and math skills. Some of our men went through hardships as kids and fell behind in school, while some are just in need of a refresh as they prepare for further schooling or jobs.

“You don’t realize what an impact something relatively simple like a basic education class will have,” Lesley explains. “We see people getting their lives back, getting back into the community.”

For Lesley, her work is not just one-sided. Not only does her class help our men, but it gave her a new sense of purpose when she was grieving the loss of her husband. “They became a gift to me,” Lesley says about the men she has taught.

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