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A Word from Doug - URM CEO


This month has been the theme of change!  Mr. Denny Bender, Executive Director, retired.  Having faithfully served as a Board member and then in the role of Executive Director, he felt God calling him to other pursuits.   The incredible job that Denny did to lead this mission was in the great team he assembled, and the plan for continuity in ministry.  Having taken on the role as Chief Executive Officer, I can assure you that Denny worked hard to get the Gospel to the men, families and community he served.  Thank you, Denny!

As for me, after serving twenty-six and a half years with the Wichita Police Department, I retired as a Captain.  God clearly was moving in my life to have me come aboard this ministry and lead it.  I am more excited today about the tremendous work that staff are doing in the lives of men in our ministry.  To be able to see men working on rebuilding their lives on a new foundation of Christ is simply awe inspiring.  But for the excitement of watching success, there is an enemy that wants to attack.  The biggest single support that you can give us is PRAY! 

On March 22nd we officially “opened” Eagles Wing!  This is the result of the Faithfully Forward campaign to raise money and build a transitional housing unit on our campus on north Hillside.  This project was the vision of the Directors and Staff!  It was funded by generous donors and built with love and pray by faithful contractors!  The vision came to fruition, but the battle continues.  We can now house 24 men in first class living arrangements to help get them into a final stage of transition for service to Christ!  But pray that the enemy will be confused and confounded.  All praise to God for his blessing!

We continue to work on our leading men to a changing relationship with Christ, through a bed, shower, meal and Gospel message.  We have more men in our life change programs than we do overnight guests.  A true sign that God is at work!

I consider it my blessing to be able to work along side a dedicated staff, meet incredible volunteers and supporters!  I want to meet you, our staff wants to meet you so stop by and see what is happening in the hearts of those at the Union Rescue Mission!